Welcome to the official website of Joe Kamaka State Senate Candidate for District 5 on the island of Maui.  I would like to thank you for all of your support.

There has never been a time in Hawaii that "all hands" are needed on deck during this 2014 elections.  Our state has experienced high unemployment, taxes are on the rise, local businesses are hurting, over regulation by our government and a "corporation before population" mentality by our elected officials. Poor leadership in our state government have shifted the role of government from it once being by the people and for the people.  

Many have stated that their voices have fallen too many times on deaf ears.  The arrogance of the legislative majority has taken on a do as I say, not as I do type of stance.  It is time to vote for the person, not the party.

If you are tired of the way things are going for you and your family, make a change and select your representative based on what he or she stands for.  If you are happy with life the way it is then keep on voting the same people into office.

I have spoken with members at the top of local government and there was a sense of joy when they told me they would be instituting a tax on internet sales.  I was blown away by this! I told this person, "How can you (Government) impose and demand a TAX without having to earn it"?  His answer was, "Because we need it"!  My answer to this is how are we expected to earn our pay and government can impose a tax without it ever being involved with that transaction? In the real world that's called THEFT!

I have 4 key points I'm starting with to convince you to "GO-JOE KAMAKA" in 2014:


  • Support a State lottery with 20% to Education & 10% to Public Safety/Law Enforcement
  • Resist New or Increased Taxes
  • Tax reform to include eliminating the G.E & State income tax
  • Tax exempt our service members serving in the military out-of-state. While serving out- of-state, our service members DO NOT use any State resources or services. Why are they being taxed?
  • Reduced tax rates for Hawaii-Based businesses and offer tax incentives to companies that use local workers. Create an environment in favor of local businesses. Support and encourage entrepreneurship by facilitating small business development and growth.  We must encourage a true FREE-MARKET in which government governs less.


  • More transparent agriculture laws that support counties "home-rule". 
  • Label GMO's and regulate the use of pesticides.  Pesticides must be safe for our people and the environment FIRST.
  • Get back on track with the Constitution
  • Term limits for House and Senate seats. We need fresh ideas.
  • The best government governs less!

      3.  EDUCATION

  • Provide FREE lunches for all students grades K-12.  They are mandated by LAW to go to school or be arrested.  The State therefore is obligated to feed our children just as we are obligated to feed our prisoners who gets 3 meals per day.
  • Support career focused pathways for High School Juniors and Seniors.  This would include apprenticeship programs for a variety of industries. Invite and encourage Trade-Schools here on Maui. 
  • Support Charter Schools


  • Native Hawaiian Cultural Resource Center here on Maui.  Some forget that the original capital was right here on Maui.  The host culture must be preserved.
  • Work to change the 25% successorship rules for Hawaiian Homelands.  It should be any amount of Hawaiian blood to be a successor.  Why should your family home be given back to the State because of "blood-quantum"?
  • Hawaiian homelands MUST be TAX-EXEMPT!

There are many more issues I will address during this campaign, but the TOP-4 came directly from voters in my district.

Please feel free to sign up as a VOLUNTEER and we appreciate any DONATIONS we receive.  Join us and return government to it's rightful owners, you the people and GO JOE KAMAKA in 2014!



Joe Kamaka (R)

State Senate Candidate District 5


*I approve this message!




Thursday, February 27, 2014 1:05 AM

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